Laundry Services

Self-Serve Laundry Services

Make time for yourself! Laundry shouldn't have to take up a large portion of your week. Visit us and complete multiple loads all at the same time. Our 52 top-of-the-line machines are cleaned every day, ensuring your clothes are perfectly clean. For your convenience, we have a vending machine for single-use laundry soap and fabric softener. Additionally, there are two change machines available that accepts bills up to 20$

We Welcome Children

There's no need to find a babysitter for your kids while you do your laundry. We welcome children and even have tons of activities for them to do, allowing you to complete your laundry without distractions. Our air-conditioned facility has two televisions, one on either side of the laundromat. There are also small children's toys, kiddy rides, television and Wi-Fi. If you get hungry, there are vending and snack machines on the premises.

Drop-Off Laundry Services

4 minute laundry - 2 min to drop off 2 min to pick up.
You work hard all day and deserve to use your free time to relax. Let us save you valuable time by doing your laundry for you! We also offer drop-off services by appointment or you can leave your laundry in the convenient drop-off lockers for next-day pickup. Simply drop off your laundry for next day pickup for only $1 per pound.

The drop-off service is ideal for many types of people, including truckers who don't typically have time to sit and wait for their laundry to finish. People with large comforters and bedding also love this service. We cater to people in apartments and small homes, as laundry equipement may not be conveient or large enough. Our services are also ideal for residents of retirement communities.

Truckers will find more convenient parking on the West side of the building.