What is Miracle Laundry?

The people of Amarillo, Texas come to Miracle Laundry to wash their laundry in a clean and family-friendly environment. We function as a self-serve laundromat; however, we also offer drop-off services by appointment or you can leave your laundry in the convenient drop-off lockers for next-day pickup.

Visit us at our South Grand Street location next to the Lawndale Bingo Hall. You can complete all your laundry while enjoying a game of bingo! we have television, free wifi and snack machines for your enjoyment while your wait. We have created a pleasant and welcoming environment for our customers. Our owner Dwayne Rickwartz has his personal phone number posted in three places throughout the laundromat to help you should any issues arise. Contact us today with any questions or come to our location for a convenient and tidy place to do your laundry.

Female Friends Sitting Together At Laundry

Photo of woman hand put quarter coin on the laundry machine in public laundry

"Amarillo's Finest Coin-Operated Laundromat"

Don't let your weekly laundry responsibilities take away from your free time. Miracle Laundry is conveniently located in 3500 SE 27th Ave and we proudly offer 52 high-efficiency machines to get you in and out quickly. Or let us do your laundry while you run errands.

A washer and dryer take up space in your home, and doing laundry takes hours. With our service, you'll have more time for the things that matter to you.


Complete your laundry in a clean, friendly environment.
Call (806) 410-2289 for more information.